The Australiana Tree

….. was designed and sculptured by renowned artist Leigh (Roy) Conkie over 3 weeks in April & May 2006.  When SkyHigh was redeveloped in 2004 the stump of this Eucalyptus Obliqua (Messmate) was approximately 8 metres high.  The top 3 metres were lopped and used for the nearby seat and the balance was left to create this superb masterpiece!









Percy Possum’s House

Inspired by classic children’s stories, guaranteed to ignite their imagination.










Giants Chair

Igor the giant has lived in this region for hundreds of years.  Igor likes nothing better than to sit at SkyHigh & enjoy the view, so we built him a chair!

Feel free to enjoy it, but if Igor happens along, it would be smart to offer him his chair back!



         Wishing Tree

The legend of the wishing tree began around 1900.

This area was heavily wooded and a 4 year old boy, Billy Langton became lost.

His father searched everywhere and finally came to this spot.  He wished he could find his son and as he looked through the circle in the tree he saw young Billy squatting beside the creek.

Local legend says if you wish hard enough and look through the magic circle your wish will come true!




Sky High Maze

Come and be amazed, discovering the four secret squares, hidden with in the SkyHigh maze.  Around every corner a mystery awaits, filled with sculptures, illusions and butterflies. Stamp your passport along the


way, once you’ve discovered all four collect your prize to become a SkyHigh maze master!

more information...





World Fountain

Children can discover the world outside the SkyHigh Mt. Dandenong bistro, which leaves mum and dad time for a relaxing glass of wine or a soothing coffee.

The two ton globe spins effortlessly on the pressure of the water; I dare you to resist giving it a push!








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