SkyHigh Mount Dandenong is delighted to announce our new produce store and updated takeaway menu including easy grab ready meals to chuck into the microwave when you get home or freeze for a rainy day.

Autumn is fantastic in the Dandenong ranges, come up now and enjoy the fresh air with the best outdoor seat in Melbourne (our giant’s chair), overlooking the city below. Pick up a takeaway coffee while you grab essentials from our new produce store and have a walk around our magnificent English garden whilst you are here. Feel free to bring your dog for a walk too and even pick up a BBQ pack to cook on our front lawn. Please ensure you respect others and follow social distancing.

All areas of the cafe and restaurant are regularly sanitised.
Indoor spaces have been converted to a produce store, selling a variety of fruit and veg along with pantry items.
Doors will be propped open wherever possible to limit the number of door handles touched.
We ask customers to pay via tap and go rather than cash to limit the handling of cash by staff.
Places to get food and drink, as well as our Maze remain open but we will be selling takeaway items only. We may need to restrict car entry at busy times to keep visitation below 500 people so we ask customers to spread their visitation times and come early (from 9.15am at the weekend) or come after 3pm (we are open until 6pm).

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