A quick update…

You have most likely seen all the incredible photos emerging on the news and social media – the storm and cyclonic winds have battered the Dandenong Ranges very badly. The damage across the mountain is extensive but we are pleased to say that SkyHigh is intact and there is little damage to the building. The clean-up of the gardens has started but there is extensive work still to be done to make the site safe, so the bistro / restaurant will not open until at least Thursday.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many others homes and properties and the roads around the mountain are blocked and hazardous. We want to spread the word for people to stay away while the emergency services do their job to clear the roads. There will be a lot of work to do to reinstate the power across the mountain with many power poles and lines downed by the massive falling trees. The power restoration has not started yet and can’t until the trees are removed and the roads opened again. I am not expecting power to be back on at SkyHigh until the end of next week.

I spoke to the police this afternoon and they confirmed that all roads are closed to general public in Olinda, Kalorama, Sassafras and Mount Dandenong and they are only allowing local residents access to the mountain.

We will keep you up to date with the progress and let you know when it is safe to visit SkyHigh again.

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