Autumn is always a beautiful time of year at Skyhigh. Crisp, cool mornings and glorious sunny days are the norm. The Salvias, Plumbago, and Heliotrope “Lord Roberts” have enjoyed the dry weather and are still flowering well. The various Hydrangeas have all but finished, however the deep bronze flower heads still look attractive. The Hostas are going into dormancy, but will return in all their splendour in early Spring.  Fuschia “Coralle” always seems to make a show, as does the perennial wallflower. The vibrant purple flowers of  Plectranthus ecklonii look absolutely stunning in the dappled light, we also have a white form which tends to bloom a little later.  C sasanqua “Lutchuensis” is just budding up, and will soon reveal a mass of dainty white scented flowers.  The Coral Bark Maples are starting to color up, turning from golden yellow to glorious salmon, whilst the October Glory maple is putting on a brilliant Autumn show. We have an abundance of bird life at present, and echidnas and wallabies are often spotted around the park.
School holidays was a busy time in the gardens, with roaming stilt walkers, fairies, magicians, Easter egg hunts, circus activities farm animals and even donkey rides. A big thank you to all the children who joined in over the 10 days. Stay tuned for info on our next lot of children's activities, which will take place in spring.
The choice for this month is Plectranthus ecklonii, or Blue Spur Flower, which can be seen in the English Garden. It is a useful, fast growing shrub with vibrant purple Salvia like flowers during the autumn. It is a native of South Africa and is adaptable to most soils, is frost tender, and prefers a protected semi-shaded position. Plectranthus will grow to a height of 2.5 meters and spread of 2 meters. Prune after flowering. Old plants can be rejuvenated by heavy pruning.  Spur flower looks great planted with white Japanese Anenomes and soft pink Azaleas.