Spring has certainly sprung in the SkyHigh gardens. The Coral Bark Maples (Acer palmatum senkaku) are just coming into leaf; the golden foliage is a beautiful contrast to the scarlet orange bark. The Star Magnolia, Magnolia stellata is flowering, as is the perennial wall flower, and the vibrant blue groundcover Veronica contrasts beautifully with the silver foliage of Stachys, or lambs ears. 
Blackwoods and other Wattles are flowering profusely and the Banksias are providing a valuable food source for nectar feeding birds. The various Hosta species are just waking up after a winter sleep and it won’t be long until they put on a foliage feast for all to enjoy.
The Winter Roses (Helleborus orientalis) are still flowering, their heads bowed down shyly towards the stunning glossy green leaves. Azaleas are flowering madly, whilst the Rhododendrons are just beginning to put on a show.
The tiny, fragrant white flowers of Camellia sasanqua “Lutchuensis” are borne in profusion at this time of the year, and can be seen in the Secret Garden.
Our mass Daffodil display is in full swing, and is looking magnificent. These were planted by participants of the Children’s week activities in previous years. Spring on up to SkyHigh, take a stroll through the gardens, tackle the maze, do the forest walk, then race inside and sit by the open fire our outside in the spring sun and indulge in coffee and cake or a wonderful meal in our Bistro.