Dining at SkyHigh

Our award winning SkyHigh restaurant and bistro located on the ground floor is closed until stage 3 restrictions are lifted. SkyHigh is however open 7 days a week, 365 days a year for takeaway food and beverages.

Unfortunately the many dining options upstairs in our stylish function room, including  dinner for selected Saturday nights, proposal packages and intimate dining packages are also on hold until stage 3 restrictions are lifted. Weddings and functions still have restrictions in place but please enquire for events taking place after August as restrictions may well be lifted by that point.

The upstairs function room features floor to ceiling windows that provide the most eye-catching panoramic views across Melbourne’s city skyline. It’s also the venue for many of our special occasion dining events throughout the year, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and more. Please see our What’s On Page for more details on these dining events.

Of course, if you are looking for one of Melbourne’s most sought after venues for a wedding, engagement, birthday party and any other special event occasion we would love to hear from you, please contact us about the private hire of our upstairs function room.

Our takeaway menus for our ground floor bistro are found below.

Our Upstairs Function Room Special Dining Events are on hold until stage 3 restrictions are lifted

To find out about all our special dining events throughout the year including,
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and other events,
please visit our What’s on Page.

What's On

At a Glance:


Takeaway food and drinks: 7 days a week, from 9:15am to 4.45pm in our lower floor bistro

25% off all food and beverage menu prices whilst in stage 3 or 4 restrictions



Online bookings from 9th October only!

Secure your reservation for the lower floor bistro dinner – Book online NOW
No need to book for breakfast or lunch, just come on up, select your table and order at the counter
For special events please navigate to our What’s on section of the website

Please Note:

We only have 3 direct window tables. Near window tables are 2 – 4 rows back from the window

Breakfast and Lunch – No bookings required, just come along, select your table and order at the counter
Dinner – We suggest you book as we can only take a handful of walk-ins each night. We can only take one large booking each night so please book well in advance if you have more than 12 people. The most we can seat on one table is 12 people, if your booking is for more than 12 people then you will be split onto separate tables.

For groups larger than 20 people, please contact our functions department on 97510443 or enquire by using this event link.


Our Menus

25% discount on all food and beverage menu items during stage 3 restrictions.

Drinks Menu (From 9.15am, 7 days a week - Takeaway only)

Hot Drinks – (Takeaway only – 25% Discount off below prices during restrictions)

Function-Venues-Dandenong-Ranges           Mount-Dandenong-Best-Restaurants

Coffee, Chocolate or Chai
Café latte, Flat white, Long black, Espresso, Piccolo latte Short macchiato, Long macchiato, Cappuccino Hot chocolate, Mocha, Chai vanilla, Chai spice or Dirty chai
– $4.50 S / $5.00 M / $6.00 L

Choice of: almond, lactose free or soy milk
– $0.50

Flavoured Syrup
Add vanilla, hazelnut or caramel
– $0.50

Babyccino, extra shot of coffee or extra boiling water – $1.00

Pot of Tea
Various flavours
– $4.50

SkyHigh Affogato – $6.50

Cold Drinks

Soft Drink Bottles
Coca Cola, Sprite, Lift, Fanta, Keri Orange Juice, Apple Juice and Pineapple Juice. Fuze Peach Iced Tea, Mango Iced Tea and Lemon Iced Tea. Cascade Lemon, Lime and Bitters and ginger beer
– $4.50

Mount Franklin Sparkling Mineral Water (450ml) – $3.80

Bisleri Still or Sparkling Mineral Water (750ml) – $7.00

Coca Cola, Coke No Sugar, Sprite, Lift, Fanta, Lime
– $5.50

Lightly sparkling apple juice

Chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, caramel, blue heaven, lime
– $7.00
Make it a thick-shake add $2.00

Iced Coffee or Iced Chocolate
With whipped cream and ice-cream
– $6.50

Iced Long Black or Iced Latte – $5.00

Mango, mixed berry, banana
– $7.00

Mango, strawberry, chocolate, mocha and coffee
– $7.00

Other cold drinks are available from our display fridges

Beers and Ciders on tap

Heineken Glass – $5.70, Pint – $10.00, Jug – $15.00
James Squire Orchard Crush Cider Glass – $5.70, Pint $11.00, Jug – $17.00

Beers and Ciders – 330ml bottle

Heineken 00 $5.00
Hahn Premium light $7.50
Carlton Draught, Victoria Bitter, Pure Blonde $8.00
Crown Lager, James Boags, Hahn Ultra (low carb GF) $8.00
Budweiser, Stella Artois, Peroni, Corona, King fisher, Tiger $8.50
Yenda Pale Ale, Yenda Crisp, Stone & Wood pacific ale $8.50
Pressmans Apple Cider, Rekorderlig $8.50
James Squire Orchard crush $8.50


Beefeater, Beefeater pink, Plymouth Sloe $8.50
Four Pillars, Hendricks, Tanqueray 10, Bombay Sapphire $9.50
…with mixer extra $0.50

Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Havana Club, Bundaburg $8.50
Kraken Spiced, Appleton Estate $9.50
…with mixer extra $0.50

Absolut, Absolut Vanilla, Absolut Citron $8.50
Stolichnaya, Grey goose $9.50
…with mixer extra $0.50

Johnnie Walker Red, Jameson, Canadian Club $8.50
Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker Black $9.50
Glenlivet, Dalwhinnie $10.50
…with mixer extra $0.50

Jack Daniels, Jim Beam $8.50
Makers Mark, Woodfords Reserve $9.50
…with mixer extra $0.50

Brandy / Cognac
St Remy VSOP Brandy $8.50
Remy Martin VSOP cognac fine champagne $8.50

Fortified wines (60ml glass)
Hanwood port $8.50
Morris liqueur Muscat $8.50

Fruit Tingle – Vodka, Blue Curacao, Sprite, raspberry cordial $15.00
Espresso Martini – Vodka, espresso, Kahlua $15.00
Cosmopolitan – Vodka, Cointreau, lime, cranberry juice $12.00
Lychee Spritz – Gin, lychee liqueur, sparkling wine $15.00
Aperol Spritz – Aperol, Sparkling wine, soda $15.00
Jelly Bean – Ouzo, Blue Curacao, Sprite $15.00

Liqueurs / Aperitifs

Aperol, Baileys, Campari, Cointreau, Drambuie, Frangelico $8.00
Kahlua, Malibu, Midori, Tia Maria, Pimms
…with mixer extra $0.50


Sparkling wine                                                                                                                     Glass                          Bottle

De Bortoli Willowglen Sparkling Brut                                                                           $7.50                           $28.00
Emeri Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot (200ml bottle)                                                                                          $9.00
Emeri Pink Sparkling Moscato (200ml bottle)                                                                                                 $9.00
Champagne Le Brun De Neuville, Blanc de Blancs, France                                    $13.00                         $70.00
De Bortoli King Valley Prosecco                                                                                   $8.00                          $32.00
Rococo Premium Cuvee                                                                                                                                    $35.00
Chandon Blanc De Blanc, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                                                    $52.00
Mumm Grand Cordon Brut , Franc                                                                                                                    $105.00
Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut, France                                                                                                                  $105.00

White wine                                                                                                                           Glass                          Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc (semi)
De Bortoli Willowglen Semi Sauv Blanc,Yarra Valley(Vic)                                     $8.50                           $29.00
Sticks Sauvignon Blanc, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                                                  $35.00
3 Tails Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough (NZ)                                                            $9.00                            $35.00
Pépé’s Beret Sauvignon Blanc, IGP Côtes de Gascogne, France                        $9.00                            $34.00
Pinot Grigio
De Bortoli Willowglen Pinot Grigio,Yarra Valley(Vic)                                               $8.50                           $29.00
La Bossa Pinot Grigio, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                                                       $36.00
De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                            $8.50                            $29.00
Villages Chardonnay, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                                                         $36.00
Pépé’s Beret Chardonnay, IGP Pays d’Oc, France                                                   $9.00                            $34.00
Sidney Wilcox Riesling, Riverland, South Australia                                                                                        $42.00
De Bortoli Willowglen Moscato, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                   $8.50                            $29.00
De Bortoli Willowglen Rosé, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                          $8.50                            $29.00
Villages Rosé, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                                  $9.00                            $36.00
Les Lions de Suduiraut – Sauternes (dessert 375ml) *                                                                                  $45.00

Red wines                                                                                                                             Glass                          Bottle
De Bortoli Willowglen Shiraz Cabernet, Yarra Valley(Vic)                                      $8.50                              $29.00
Pépé’s Beret old vine Shiraz, IGP Pays d’Oc. France                                              $9.00                              $34.00
Lorimer Shiraz, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                                                                       $32.00
Sidney Wilcox Shiraz, Riverland South Australia                                                                                             $42.00
Woodfired Shiraz, Heathcote (Vic)                                                                             $9.00                              $36.00
Merlot (Cab)
De Bortoli Willowglen Cabernet Merlot, Yarra Valley(Vic)                                       $8.50                             $29.00
La Bossa Merlot, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                                                                    $32.00
Camille de Labrie, (Merlot, Cab Sauv), AOC Bordeaux Rouge, France                                                        $58.00
Cabernet Sauvignon
Woodfired Cabernet Sauvignon, Heathcote (Vic)                                                     $9.00                             $36.00
Estate Grown, Cabernet Sauv, Yarra Valley (VIC)                                                                                            $48.00
Pinot Noir
Villages Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley (Vic)                                                                           $9.00                             $36.00



Food Menu (From 11:15am, 7 days a week - Takeaway only)

Cafe Menu – (Takeaway only – 25% Discount off below prices during restrictions)

Hot Food

Garlic bread (V) – $10.50
Fish and chips with salad and tartare sauce
– $24.50
Salt and pepper calamari with salad garnish and aioli
– $13.50
Hot chips (G,V)
– $9.50
….add aioli
– $1.50
Seasoned wedges with sour cream (V) –
….add sweet chili
– $1.50
Fried haloumi chips with house relish
– $12.50
Chorizo croquettes with house relish
– $15.00
Mushroom aracini with kewpie mayonnaise (V)
– $14.00

Cookies/biscuits – $3.50

  • Monte Carlo (V)
  • Red velvet YOYO (V)
  • Triple choc (V)
  • Florentine (V,GF)

Slices – $6.50

  • Chocolate fudge brownie (GF)
  • Lemon passionfruit (GF)
  • Apple berry crumble
  • Red velvet lamington
  • Caramel slice
  • Raspberry chia (VG)
  • Peppermint cacao and coconut (VG)


Please note that menus may vary slightly due to availability of seasonal produce.
We do not allow payment for individual items but can split the total equally.
All items subject to availability.

All meals may contain common allergens. Please ask one of our friendly staff to ensure we are able to cater to any allergies effectively

Scones are not available between 12:00pm – 3:00pm on weekends & public holidays

Dinner Menu (from 26th October only)

From 6:00pm Friday to Sunday only – (Not available until after stage 3 restrictions lift)



Garlic Turkish bread  V $12.50
Add cheese

Camembert and tomato bread  V $14.50

Soup of the day with bread   V (GF Ask) $12.50

Vegetarian tasting plate: Samosa, pakora, Tandoori paneer tikka, pickled vegetables, Indian chutney and salad leaves V $14.50

Siciliano bruschetta, toasted Turkish bread topped with sliced tomato, olive tapenade and bocconcini, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil V $14.50

Salt and cracked pepper squid served with kewpie mayo $14.50

Mushroom croquettes, served on house relish, baby herbs V $14.50

Thai tofu cakes, chili bean puree, cucumber, coriander VE GF $12.50

Seared half shell scallops, tomato and pomegranate salsa, coarse panagrattato $14.50

Main meals

Za’atar lamb back strap, served medium rare, skordalia, cumin heirloom carrots, sumac labneh, taro crisps GF $30.50

300g Angus porterhouse cooked to your liking, served with chips, garden salad and your choice of red wine jus, creamy mushroom, creamy pink peppercorn, garlic butter GF $34.50

200g Grain fed Angus eye fillet cooked to your liking with, served with pea puree, bubble and squeak, and your choice of red wine jus, creamy mushroom, creamy pink peppercorn, garlic butter GF $34.50

Crispy skin Salmon, mushroom and cheese stuffed zucchini, tangy tarragon butter sauce GF $29.90

Tarragon grilled chicken, pickled okra, roasted potato, red wine jus GF $28.50

Portobello mushroom and zucchini risotto, soft herbs, basil pesto, heirloom carrot VE GF $26.90

Prawn Linguini tossed with garlic, capsicum, prosciutto, cream sauce, fresh herbs and spinach, finished with grana padano $29.50

Red wine and herb braised portobello mushroom, Greek salad, toasted sesame pita bread, oven baked feta V $24.90

American cheese burger, milk bun, tomato sauce, mustard, dill pickles, cheese, lettuce and bacon, served with chips $24.50

Chicken parmigiana, panko crumbed schnitzel, Napoli sauce, Virginian ham, cheese blend, served with salad greens and chips $24.50

Cajun chicken Caesar salad, cos, crispy bacon, shaved grana padano, garlic croutons, rich Caesar dressing, anchovies and boiled egg, topped with grilled chicken tenders $27.50

For best results, our chef suggests the red meat be ordered medium-rare.

Side Dishes

Roast potatoes  with sea salt and herb butter GF V $7.50

Asian greens, tossed with garlic and fried shallots GF VG $6.50

Garden salad with house dressing VG,GF $6.50

Chips with tomato sauce GF, V $9.50


Children’s menu – Under 12 years old only

Main and desert $16.50

A choice of one of the following:

Pasta with homemade Napoli sauce V                                                    

Chicken strips with chips, garden salad and tomato sauce                             

Fish and chips with garden salad and tomato sauce                                       

Steak and chips with garden salad and tomato sauce GF                     

Plus a Connoisseur ice-cream sundae served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, sprinkles and chocolate syrup



Brandy bread pudding, dried fruits, caramelised pineapple V $14.50

Chocolate fondant, quince and rhubarb puree, vanilla ice-cream V $14.50

Vegan Eton Mess, macerated berries, coconut yoghurt, meringues, sweet dukkah VG GF $14.50

Banana Split – banana fritter dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with 2 scoops of connoisseur ice-cream and chocolate syrup $14.50


V= Vegetarian, GF= Gluten Friendly, VG= Vegan
Some dishes can be modified for gluten friendly – please ask
Please note that menus may vary slightly due to availability of seasonal produce.
We do not allow payment for individual items but can split the total equally.

All meals may contain common allergens. Please ask one of our friendly staff to ensure we are able to cater to any allergies effectively


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